Fundraiser: CURED

Our first fundraiser was the viewing of the acclaimed documentary, CURED.  Nearly 100 club members and guests viewed the movie remotely on March 21, 2023. The fundraiser earned nearly $3700.  A QnA session was held after the film with the producers and directors.

The movie documented the campaign by gay men, lesbians, and their allies to remove homosexuality from the American Psychiatris Association manual of mental illnesses. 

More information about the film, the team responsible for producing and creating the film, awards, and other references, check out the website

Volunteer Opportunity: SPY

Members partook in helping SPY (Safe Place for Youth) organize clothing drives and storage.  RISE also donated funds to help the organization purchase a clothes dryer to replace the one SPY currently had.  
SPY provides street outreach, case management, education, employment health and wellness, and housing services to Los Angeles area youths that are homeless or at risk to being homeless.  Youths experiencing homelessness encounter many issues such as neglect, abuse, mental illness, and criminalization to name a few.  This translates into a host possible of life time issues.
To learn more about the issues of youth homelessness and available solutions and services, check out SPY's website at